About us

The Mission :

To fill the world with hope by creating the opportunity for our disability friends, where we can support and empower them in our transparency for all purcasing products and our social purposes. It can lead the trust for the community to buy and donate for the unfortunate people in the same time. And at in the end, a liberty in finance for our disabled friends from charity dependency

The Vision :

Bring the social enterprise commerce into the next level. We believe that the more we grow with compassion ideas, the more the unfortunate people will be embraced and more people will be blessed.

Like Ralph Waldo Emerson says “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well”

The Able Art :

theableart.com is an online social store connecting consumers who wants to make a difference with social enterprises.

Our tagline is “buy with a purpose”.

Buying from theableart.com means you are directly supporting the social purpose.

As a social enterprise and benefit corporation, we are using “business for good”. Every artist earns 90% from the sale of their work, 5% from each sale goes to a fund, which provides art supplies to therapy groups nationwide; and able art uses the remaining 5% to further our mission. For each product that features original artist's design (reproduction), 55% of the profit goes to the artist and 5% from each sale goes to a fund, which provides art supplies to therapy groups nationwide, and 40% goes to theableart .

We realize that in order to make sustainable change, we need to run a financial sustainable business.

The Need :

UN data revealed that as many as 10 percent of the total world population, or around 650 million people are persons with disabilities. Moreover, the World Bank report states that 20 percent of persons with disabilities around the world comes from the weak economy class.

Generally, the social conditions of persons with disabilities are particularly vulnerable, both from the aspect of economic, educational and social skills. In Indonesia alone, according to the Ministry of Social Affairs, the number with social welfare problems , which includes also persons with disabilities, is 1.7 million people.

theableart.com empowers artists living with disabilities through the celebration and sale of their artwork. theableart is about creating opportunity, empowerment, and validation.

We offer our artists the chance to secure their own income through the sale of original paintings, prints, and products. By buying their artwork via theableart.com, our artists gain self-confidence that permeates all aspects of their lives.

The Model :

theableart.com selling artisan creative art via theableart.com then we sharing the profit to artisan and other person with disabilities to start working and sell via theableart.com, with buying at theableart.com we can together spread the positive social impact to person with disabilities and empowering thousands disability artist to work better and inspiring thousands person with disabilites to became like our artist.

Not a charity, an empowering community